• 1935 Memorial of the only time Real Betis won the La Liga
  • Alan McLean prepares the bust for the presentation to the fans at the Bomberos Penya
  • Seville, SpainPresenter Michael Andersen on location
  • Remembering O'ConnellEnrique Iñino remembers his father working with O'Connell when he was the manager at Real Betis and FC Sevilla
  • Patrick O'Connell BustPatrick O'Connell Bust prepared by sculptor Joe Moran
  • Rivalry in SevilleOne couple overcomes the rivalry between the two local teams - just as O'Connell
  • Sue and Mike O'ConnellInterviewing family members Mike and Sue O'Connell in Santa Luisa Park
  • Campaigners retrace O'Connells tracksCampaigners retrace O'Connells tracks. 1933 Penya, Seville.
  • Mike O'Connell visits Real BetisJulio Jimenez Heras, Real Betis Director of Communicationss, show Mike O'Connell around the Betis stadium
  •  One working. One standing on a pedastal. Just saying...
  •  Looking good for the cameras...
  • Seville"It feels like O'Connell has come home". The 7 prime movers behind the O'Connell bust project in the museum of Real Betis. March 2017
  • Sevilla-March-2017Sue and Mike O'Connell explaining O'Connell's last years in Spain. Park Maria Luisa, March 2017
  • The glamour of documentary-making. Wendy Andersen filming in the Real Betis museum
  • jquery carousel'OMG, can he never get it right?' Wendy Andersen filming in Seville. October 2017
  • The seven campaigners celebrate the arrival of the bust of Patrick O'Connell to the Real Betis Museum
1 2 Seville, Spain3 Remembering O'Connell4 Patrick O'Connell Bust5 Rivalry in Seville6 Sue and Mike O'Connell7 Campaigners retrace O'Connells tracks8 Mike O'Connell visits Real Betis9  10  11 Seville12 Sevilla-March-201713 14 15 16
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  • cafe TatubaEnjoying the local cuisine
  • Aztec Stadium, MexicoAztec Stadium: Fergus Dowd and Alan McLean celebrating Maradona's hand of God goal
  •  Frida Karlo museum in Cayocan
  • html5 slideshowQuick break for some food at a local market in Toluca
  • But the crew get to eat grasshoppers...
  • Main square in Mexico City
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  • Mike and Sue O'Connell, Alan McLean and Fergus Dowd visit the Alms House where Patrick stayed in London until his death in 1959
  • Searching for the unmarked grave in St Mary's Catholic Church
  • Sculptor Joe Moran presents the bust to sports journalist Sid Lowe, January 2017
  • Presenter Michael Andersen at Old Trafford
  • Filming at the Coatbridge museum, Scotland
  • Coatbridge museum, Scotland
  • html5 slideshowFilming on location in Scotland, October 2017
  • Simon Needham, one of the original campaigners, February, 2017
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Scotland & England





  • Boland's mill
  • Campaign meeting, dublin
  • Fans at Celtic v Barcelona, 30 July 2016
  • Donal Falon
  • Mercantile commemoration of the Easter Uprising
  • FAI president
  • Fans at Celtic v Barcelona, 30 July 2016
  • Gerry Adams interview,  Belfast
  • Filming at the home of Harry Gregg
  • Sculptor Joe Moran shows us his workshop
  • Interviewing Martin O'Neill
  • Combing the streets of Dublin
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  • Campaign meeting of the Patrick O'Connell Fund
Boland's mill1 Campaign meeting, dublin2 Fans at Celtic v Barcelona, 30 July 20163 Donal Falon4 Mercantile commemoration of the Easter Uprising5 FAI president6 Fans at Celtic v Barcelona, 30 July 20167 Gerry Adams interview,  Belfast8 Filming at the home of Harry Gregg9 Scultor Joe Moran shows us his workshop10 Interviewing Martin O'Neill11 Combing the streets of Dublin12 at O'Connell's home in Dublin with Fergus Dowd and Maureen O'Sullivan13 Campaign meeting of the Patrick O'Connell Fund14
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Dublin & Belfast